What's New At All Fired Up!?

Well it looks like spring may finally be on us here in the wet end of the Sacramento Valley. We have beautiful blue skies and it's a whopping 60 degrees currently out there.

While January is the month of resolutions and new beginnings for so many people, we're going focus on all the new things that the month of March is going to bring to All Fired Up. For us, if we're lucky we have the beginning of some spring like weather but we also have "Daylight Saving Time." Days started getting longer back in December but our official time change giving us back an hour of daylight starts on March 12th. I'm beyond excited! For me, this means that the sun will come up and be blasting me full in the face getting me out of bed earlier. The first day of spring is Monday March 20th. Now while we don't have anything as dramatic as the extra hour of daylight happening it is the change of the seasons and new beginnings.

Speaking of new beginnings. All Fired Up is moving to a new location!!! We don't have an exact date yet but we will be in the new space and functional on April 1st. No Joke! Where are we moving to you ask? Just three doors down on the other side of Palm Beach Tan. The space is big, beautiful and just waiting for lots of new adventures. The official address is 1796 Churn Creek Rd. Still here in the Shasta Center. That's it for now but we'll keep you updated on all the goings on. We're hoping for minimal down time besides the days we're out for pottery camp March 6th, 7th, and 8th. We will be open Saturday the 4th though so come see us.

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