What is All Fired Up Ceramics and Glass Studio?
All Fired Up is an upscale paint-your-own ceramic and glass studio. We have one location in Northern California: Redding.

How does it work?
You select a piece of unfinished white ceramic, called “bisque.” (If it’s made out of ceramic, and goes in your home, we probably carry it.) We set you up at a table with water, paints, brushes, and all the supplies you need to decorate your object. Take as long as you’d like. When you’re done, we clean up, glaze your piece once it’s dry, and fire it in our onsite kilns. In a couple days your professional-looking custom ceramic piece is ready to be picked up. (See also How It Works)

What does ceramics cost?
Each ceramic piece has its own price – from $5 to more than $50—and there is a studio fee to paint. The fee is $5 for adults and $3 for children 11 and under.

How long does it take?
As long as you’d like? Some kids paint a small piece in 10 minutes, some adults can work on a mug for weeks… on average, however, give yourself an hour or two to have a full session in the studio. If you don't finish your piece today we will wrap your piece for you to take home with you. Unfortunately at this time our studio space is to small to store Works In Progress 

What is bisque?
Bisque is hard, white, unfinished ceramic. Pieces begin life as “greenware,” or wet clay, and cleaned and fired once to become bisque, our inventory.

What kind of ceramic is this?
This is slip-cast “earthenware”, known as “low-fire white.”  Contrast this with “stoneware,” which is a high-fire clay body.

How do I know what colors will look like after the piece is fired?
One of the fun and interesting aspects of painting ceramics is that the colors you paint don’t look exactly like the colors that result after glazing and firing. We maintain color tiles that demonstrate how each paint color will look after firing, and using these as guides it is very easy to paint.

How long does it take to get my finished piece?
It is usually a week from the time you complete it. If it is sooner then that we will call you.  (Once your piece is finished, and totally dry, it is glazed, then loaded into a kiln and fired at high temperature for about 8 hours. Then it takes another 4 hours to cool off enough to handle.) In busy holidays seasons it can take an extra day or so. In quiet times it can be ready the next evening. 

Is my piece food safe? How about microwave safe? Bake safe?
The paints and glazes we use are all approved as lead-free and food-safe. This means that no toxins leech into the foods and liquids that come in contact with the surfaces. In general, earthenware such as the kind you paint at All Fired Up is microwave safe, but not so much for ovens. Large and quick shifts in temperature, however, can cause ceramics to crack and are not recommended (stoneware is better suited for baking dishes, for instance.)

What happens if it chips?
Galazed and fired earthenware is effectively covered with a layer of glass, and can chip and ding if handled roughly. ALl Fired Up can touch up and refire objects that have small regions where ceramic and glaze have chipped.*

How hot do the kilns get?
1800 degrees F. It takes a few hours to get to that temperature, then it is held for many hours before cooling begins.

How do you finish the pieces?
Our staff will take your painted object and glaze it for you. We fire them in our kilns, and then inspect each piece for small dimples of glass that form (by gravity) in the firing. We sand off those bits and have your piece waiting for you at your pick up time.